Benefits of Private Swimming Lessons


Learning to swim is very important for children. Not only is it going to give them a nice way to cool off when the summer is hot, but it also is going to help them be safe in the water. If you’re a parent, chances are that you have looked into swimming lessons and you’re conflicted between choosing private or group lessons. Below are 3 reasons to choose private lessons.

Save Time & Money


Even though private swimming lessons cost more, they can also save you time as well as money. Why? Well, think of it this way. When your child is in a group setting, they are getting less time one on one with the instructor. This means they may not be learning as much as they would when they are having individual lessons. That means that you are going to spend more time taking them back and forth to lessons, plus paying for those lessons.


But when your child is having private swimming lessons, there’s a good chance that they are learning more since they have Swim Coach Dina’s undivided attention and they are getting more out of the lessons. This means that your child may not need as many lessons, so you are saving money in the long run and saving time since you don’t have to take them to as many.

More Actual Class Time


When your child is in a group class, they often have between 3 and 8 other students with them in that class. During a class of 40 minutes, an instructor often spends about 15 of those minutes giving instructions to the group. The rest of the time gets divided between the students. This means that there’s only less than 4 minutes of personal instruction given to students.


The other students often have to sit up on the pool’s side so that they are staying safe while waiting to practice. This means that most students aren’t swimming during group lessons and are instead out of the water. This isn’t the case with private lessons, since your child is the only one in their class.

Made for Your Child


One thing that we know at Florida Swim Center is that two students aren’t the same. That’s why our private lessons are made for your child’s needs. The swim lessons are created with your child’s learning style and fears in mind. So, you don’t have to worry about a cookie-cutter solution.


If you are looking for a way that your child can learn how to swim that will give them the best results possible, one of the best things you can choose is private swimming lessons. They’ll give your child the attention and help they need and they will provide a customized plan for them.