Benefits of Private Swimming Lessons at Golden Beach

 Swimming is hands down one of the healthiest sports to do, no matter your age and physical abilities. But when you, or your child, are just learning to swim, the most obvious choice is often to go to your local swim club or swimming school and take part in a group swim lesson. But there is a much better alternative to group swimming lessons for you (or your child). We are going to highlight the many benefits of private swimming lessons for you. 

Personalize your Swimming Lessons

 Taking part in a group swim lesson can be very stressful. Many adults (or children) with completely different swimming abilities are swimming a standardized swimming workout, or doing standardized technique drills. But no two swimmers are alike, both in terms of swimming abilities and styles. With a private swimming lesson, you enter a low-pressure environment in which a certified coach will modify and customize your swimming lessons to fit your needs. You will be able to learn at your own pace and feel supported while doing so, which will lead to a much better memorization of the lesson. If you are working towards a certain goal, your private swimming instructor will help you create a plan to reach that goal. Because your instructor wants to see you succeed. 

You Decide When and Where You Swim

  Group swimming lessons require you to schedule your life around them. They are at predefined locations and at set times. With a private swimming instructor, you can schedule your swimming lessons around your life or your child’s life, which in most cases is the much simpler solution. Scheduling and rescheduling will be much easier if you are not in a group with 15 other swimmers and a course with set times and locations. 

Receive 100% of the Coaches Attention

    Imagine you are coaching 10 swimmers in a crowded 25-meter pool. Would you be able to give personalized feedback to all of them? Probably not. In group lessons you only get part of your coaches’ attention. If you sign up for private lessons, your instructor Swim Coach Dima will be able to give you specific input at a more frequent pace. This is especially helpful for making minor adjustments to your swimming skills which often require a closer look from the instructor. Another big plus is the possibility for you as a swimmer to ask questions and to actually get answers. In crowded courses the instructor will not be able to answer everyone’s question and will often not take notice of individual requests. 

Learn from Qualified Instructors

  If you want to get better at swimming and reach certain goals, it’s important to work with qualified instructors. Both in terms of safety and skills. This point is especially important when sending your children to your public pool for swim lessons. Often instructors are not trained in CPR or first aid and they don’t have a long coaching or swimming background. With your private swimming instructor Dima, you will for sure receive a qualified and knowledgeable instructor that will take your swimming abilities to the next level.  

 Between the personalization, the flexibility, the undivided attention and the qualified instructors, private lessons are a great choice for you and/or your child to take your swimming abilities to the next level. If you are interested in scheduling a private lesson with one of our qualified instructors, fill out the form below or give us a call at 786-210-7736.