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Benefits of Private Swimming Lessons at Aventura, Fl


You love your child and you want to keep them safe. When summertime comes and your child sees other children in pools or in the ocean, happily splashing around, they’re probably sad that they can’t do that too. 

If you are looking for a way that you can help your child be safe in and around water, one of the best ways to do it is through private swimming lessons. Below are three benefits that you will find of having your child take private lessons rather than group lessons.

Not As Many Distractions


When you are swimming in a group setting, it’s easy to get distracted because the other students are talking, laughing, splashing and doing other things. It’s hard to concentrate and focus on what they are doing. With private swimming lessons at Florida Swim Center, students work one on one with swim coach Dina so that they aren’t distracted, and they are learning much more easily.

More Skill Learning Flexibility


If your child has a goal that they want to reach, there’s more flexibility when they are taking private swim lessons rather than in a group setting. Being on their own also allows the teacher to use things like equipment so that the lessons are more fun. Whatever your child wants to learn when it comes to swimming, having private lessons can help them reach their goals in a way that group classes couldn’t. not only that, but they are going to be learning new things that they didn’t know before, rather than rehashing skills that they already know. This makes the class time much more useful and helpful.

Lessons are Customized


One thing that we know is that everyone has a different learning style and everyone’s needs are different. That is why we recommend private lessons, especially for our special needs students. Whether the child is afraid of water, has trouble focusing, or other types of problems, we can work together with you to find a way that works best for their needs rather than having a solution that’s for a group setting. This helps your child to be more successful in their swimming lessons because we create a lesson plan that especially for them with their needs in mind.

Although they cost more than group lessons, the fact that your child may require fewer private lessons than group lessons means that the savings can be great. Your child is also going to be safer since they are the only student in the class.

If you want to find out more about our private swimming lessons, give us a call and we’ll tell you what we can do for your child.