swimming lessons adults 18 and up

Drills that improve buoyancy skills:


  1. Body Position, standing outside of the water
  2. Cannonball Floating for five seconds
  3.  Gliding with Streamline Position
  4. Sliding and gliding in different positions 
  5. Gliding on back hands down, gliding on back in streamline position
  6. Jellyfish floating 
  7.  And others... 

Drills that improve front crawl kick, backstroke kick, breastroke kick, and butterfly kick


  1. Breathing in and out with holding the wall
  2. Flutter Kick with sitting on the wall
  3. Flutter Kick in the water holding a wall
  4. Push off the wall  and Floating on Back hands down
  5. Flutter kick on Back, hands down
  6. Streamline on Back Flutter Kick
  7. Breastroke Kick, on front, with streamline
  8. Butterfly Kick on ground in the water
  9. Dolphin Kick, on left/right side, with a streamline
  10. Dolphin Kick, vertical, on deep end (streamline or hands down)
  11.  And others... 

Drills that improve Skulling Skills:


  1. Standing, imitating breastroke
  2. In the deep water, sculing imitating breastroke
  3. Somersaults on the spot
  4. 3 strokes, Somersaults 
  5. Sculling in vertical position, moving backwards
  6. Seated with sculling. Rotate left and right 
  7. Elementary Backstroke Pull, flutter kick
  8. Dog Paddle, keep head above the water
  9. Sculling water in front  
  10. Sculling water and Kicking (flutter)
  11. Sculling on the left side, on the right ride
  12.  And others... 

Drills that improve Backstroke Skills


  1. Imitating backstroke outside of the water
  2. Kicking with streamline position
  3. 6 kicks + breath + switch arms
  4. Kicking on the left/ right sides
  5. Lateral Backstroke Kick
  6. Switching shoulders with 6 kicks
  7. One arm drill, hands down
  8.  One-Arm drill with pulling a lane line
  9. Controlled One-Arm Backstroke
  10.  Both Arm drill
  11.  And others... 

Drills that improve Front Crawl Skills


  1. Streamline Front Crawl Kick, without breathing
  2. Breathing to the left/right side, opposite arms position
  3. One arm flutter kick, with high elbow
  4. One arm freestyle kick without breathing
  5. 6 kicks + breath + switch
  6. Kicking on the side, left/right breathing
  7. Front crawl with 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 strokes breathing
  8.  And others... 

Drills that improve Breastroke Skills:


  1. Breastroke pull in standing position
  2. Breastroke Pull, flutter kick on the deep water
  3. Breastroke Pull and Front Crawl Kick
  4. Kick + Breath + Glide
  5. 1 breastroke pull, 2 breastroke kicks
  6. Breastroke with a long glide 
  7. Two Kicks, One Breastroke Pull
  8. Breastroke Pull, Dolphin Kick
  9.  And others... 

Drills that improve Butterfly Skils:


  1. Fly pull outside of the water
  2. Fly Kick Breath Forward
  3. Breastroke pull, Fly Kick
  4. Setup of Butterfly Device
  5. Fly kick over the noodle
  6. Extensive fly kick
  7. Fly Stroke Over Device
  8. Butterfly 4 kicks, 2 pulls
  9. 2 fly kicks, one arm pull in streamline position
  10. Two+Two+Two or One+One+One
  11.  And others... 

Drills that improve Front Crawl and Backstroke turns:

  1. Shallow end, streamline jumps
  2. Summersaults on the shallow end
  3. Summersault after pushing off the wall 
  4. Flip turn one arm length
  5. 3 strokes, flip turn
  6. Backstroke Breakout
  7. Front Crawl to Backstroke Turn
  8. Backstroke Turn
  9. And others...

Drills that improve Breastroke and Butterfly turns:

  1. Exits Butterfly
  2. Breastroke two-hand Touch Turn
  3. Fly Two-Hand Touch Turn
  4. Butterfly to backstroke turn 
  5. Backstroke to Breastroke turn
  6. Breastroke to Front Crowl turn
  7. Breastroke exit
  8. Fly Turn
  9. Fly to Backstroke Turn
  10. Backstroke to Breastroke Turn
  11. Backstroke to Breastroke Reverse Flip Turn
  12. Breastroke to Front Crawl Turn
  13. Freestyle Finish
  14. And others...

Drills that improve Starts:

  1. Jumping from the height
  2. Jumping over the noodle
  3. Streamline Jumps From the height
  4. Jump with streamline position over the noodle
  5. Diving from the blocks. Different positions
  6. Push-Off Start from the Wall
  7. Diving from the Deck
  8. Dive from the Desk Plus Noodle
  9. Diving from blocks with streamline position
  10. Fly Start with exit
  11. Breastroke Start with exit
  12. Freestyle Start with exit
  13. Backstroke Start, Set Up, Launch, and Entry
  14. Backstroke Start from  
  15. And others...